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Advantages of living the expat lifestyle


It’s interesting just how often this comes forward as a justification when people are explaining why they are considering moving. Let’s be blunt, the weather in the UK can be downright miserable and depressing for much of the year.  It’s a fair bit better in southern parts of the country than northern but as an island that seems to catch all of the North Atlantic squalls, it’s usually somewhere that it’s nice to escape from to get some sun. In fact, medical science is constantly upgrading its estimation of the negative health effects of living in damp and cold climates – particularly on the respiratory system. Just as soon as you cross the English Channel, things seem to get immediately better in that respect. It’s amazing just how much living in a better climate changes your outlook on life. Some of that is psychological, you are just typically happier, though some of it is also very physical and you may see an immediate improvement in aspects of your health. True, not all expats head for the sun and it’s also possible to have too much of a good thing if you go somewhere where it is ‘scorchingly’ hot for several months of the year. On the whole though, the weather is going to be a big driver for many and a real benefit. Continue reading

Things to consider before becoming an expatriate

Moving abroad from the UK is big step in anyone’s life. The decision should not be taken lightly and there are many things to be taken into consideration. Here we will go through some of the main things to be thought about before you take the life changing decision.

Why are you are contemplating a move? 

When asked, many expatriates cite reasons such as a change in lifestyle, better weather, opting out of the rat-race and so on. Some people characterise these reasons as ‘escapism’ – in other words, an assumption that things in the above areas are automatically going to be better overseas.

The good news is that they might well be, however, are you absolutely sure? For example, in most situations as an expatriate abroad, you are still going to be facing bills, living expenses, medical issues from time to time and possibly frustrations with colleagues and neighbours once there. So, be sure you understand your real motivations and that your chosen location and society is going to deliver what you are looking for. Continue reading

The benefits for expats of owning a second home in the UK

So, you are an expat happily living and working overseas. Therefore, you might wonder why you might be interested in owning property in the United Kingdom? You may be surprised to know that there are a number of very real reasons for doing so.

Investment reasons
Even in uncertain times, people still typically regard property as being a relatively safe investment. Hopefully property you own may appreciate in value over time and if you are letting it out, it may be a relatively tax-efficient way of growing your capital. Of course, the age-old wisdom of thinking carefully before purchasing property if you are to reduce your risks of depreciation, continue to hold true. Make sure also that you understand all the tax and legal implications associated with being a landlord. Continue reading