Using expat forums to help with expat mortgages

One way to learn about a country and its peculiar mortgage problems would be to go to an expat forum. A person should go to one of the expat forums on the Internet and talk to expats all over the world. Some of these expats would know what it is like to live in that country and what rules they have for a foreigner to buy a house or to have a mortgage in that country. They would know what particular bank has the best mortgage rates in that country.

An expat forum would be a good place to get information about a country and there are some expat forums that a person should try. Thailand has two expat forums that you could try for example. One expat forum is on the website called  Ajarn is Thai for teacher and it is actually meant for expats who want to teach in Thailand. It does have a forum section and a person can be sure that he or she will find a teacher who has been able to afford a house and had to deal with the problem of having a mortgage in Thailand. The other expat forum in Thailand is on the website called This website was obviously meant to deal with the immigration problems that a foreigner faces in Thailand. It does have good news and classifieds sections. It does have a forum section where a person can talk to a variety of Thai expats about the problems that they are having in Thailand. Some of these expats will know about what is like to get a mortgage in Thailand as well as buying a house. is a truly international website. It has members that are in almost every city on the planet. The purpose of this website is to serve the expats in those cities and try to get them to form a community on the Internet. The website also tries to get the expats in those cities also to meet at least a month in various locations in those cities. The website has an expat forum for the expats in each of those cities to get in touch each other through the Internet. A person could type in and there is indeed a website with that name. One goal of this website is to get the most expat members on the Internet. With 175,000 members, it seems well on its way to achieving that goal with about 175,000 members. Some of these members will have have answers to mortgage problems in the country that a person would be interested in living in.