Reason why people move to Australia

Australia has always hit the highest mark in attracting foreigner’s to live within its shores. It has been one of the most popular destination for everyone regardless of their country of origin. This cannot just be because of the name or its location in the map of the world, so there must be more reasons behind this magnetic attraction it has on foreigners. If you are thinking of relocating to a different country abroad, then living in Australia could be one of the best choices you ever make. Your decision to move to Australia could be helped by knowing the following awaits you:

1. The best economic activities – Australia has beaten most of the European countries by avoiding sinking into recession. It is the thirteenth largest economy in the world with high GDP per capita. There are also low levels of poverty with the lowest unemployment rate in the world at 5.1% as at July 2011. The country has rich natural resources. You are therefore more assured of employment and business opportunities especially in IT, financial and services sectors than in any European country.

2. High quality of life – The country offers a high quality of life and one of the best living standards you can find. This is attributed to its good climate, lifestyle and a relatively stable economy. The UN’s 2010 Human Development Index ranked the country at position two. This ranking is normally based on the life expectancy of the citizens of the country, standards of living and the quality of education. Major cities of this country also rank highly in the global live-ability survey.

3. Excellent and world class cities – Most of the country’s cities are situated along the coastline. These cities are included in the top 10 list of the world’s most live-able cities with Melbourne ranking the first. This is because these cities have good housing options that are affordable, have excellent transport systems, great universal health care and a world-class education system which reflects the state of the whole country. Sydney is a cosmopolitan and dynamic city with its population comprising of multicultural individuals. The city leads the world in fashion and boasts of being one of the most innovative cities. All your needs whether arts, sports or business related will be met here. Adelaide is the heart of all commercial and financial activities of the country with a vibrant cultural life that is unmatched by any other city in the world. The city is also a leader in wine production. Melbourne offers an exciting cultural landscape with events like film, arts, drama, literature, architecture being the top of the list.

4. Attractive Landscape and Wildlife – The country offers unlimited scenery that is attractive to any foreigner migrating to Australia. You will probably never lack a place to visit i.e. a museum, a zoo or physical features located in the country. The country boasts of excellent beaches and wonderful weather throughout the year. It is such a wonderful gesture to be greeted by a shiny blue sky everyday as you wake up. It will undoubtedly give you a good mood to start the day with.

With so many reasons listed above and many more besides it makes for a compelling story as to why so many people move to live in Australia.